About Finnexia
Did you know?

Finnexia is the first medication to help people learn the Finnish language. The Finnexia formula offers a unique combination of cognitive enhancement, anxiety reduction, and speech therapy, all in one medication. With Finnexia, you can enjoy a greater quality of life in Finland, and enhance your Finnish language learning experience.


Finnexia is available in 40mg tablets. The standard dosage is 40mg once daily over the course of 30 days. This dosage is adequate for a sustained release of the medication, and steadily effective results.


Although some people experience the effects of Finnexia within 24 hours, it may take up to 5-7 days for the initial effects to begin. It's important to take Finnexia every day for the full 30-day course of treatment. Finnexia is most effective when taken in combination with attendance of a Finnish language classroom course, or a self-study Finnish course.


Under supervision of a physician, the dosage may be increased temporarily to 80mg daily. This higher dosage provides a more powerful release of medication to the frontal and prefrontal cortex of the brain. This increased dosage of 80mg is intended for use during short visits to Finland. This dosage works best for tourists or business travelers who are staying in Finland for two weeks or less. The increased dosage of Finnexia can also be used on short excursions into rural areas of Finland, where the need to speak Finnish may arise suddenly. Generally, an increased dosage of Finnexia can only be used for limited periods of time, as severe brain damage may result.


Finnexia is manufactured in Finland.

Finnexia has helped many people obtain Finnish citizenship more quickly. Ask your pharmacist how Finnexia can help you learn Finnish faster and become a Finnish citizen.

Remember - Finnexia is available without a prescription. You can find it at pharmacies throughout Finland.